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Publication numberDE1022246 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1956B0039126
Publication date9 Jan 1958
Filing date14 Feb 1956
Priority date14 Feb 1956
Publication numberDE 1022246 B, DE 1022246B, DE-B-1022246, DE1022246 B, DE1022246B, DE1956B0039126
InventorsHans Baltes
ApplicantHans Baltes
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Freikuehltheke Freikuehltheke translated from German
DE 1022246 B
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Referenced by
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International ClassificationA47F3/04, F25D21/04
Cooperative ClassificationA47F3/0456, A47F3/0404, F25D21/04
European ClassificationF25D21/04, A47F3/04A