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Publication numberDE502004012446 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200450012446
Publication date9 Jun 2011
Filing date9 Jul 2004
Priority date11 Jul 2003
Also published asDE10331484A1, EP1656428A1, EP1656428B1, US7265178, US20060189750, WO2005007762A1
Publication number0450012446, 200450012446, DE 2004/50012446 D1, DE 502004012446 D1, DE 502004012446D1, DE-D1-502004012446, DE0450012446, DE2004/50012446D1, DE200450012446, DE502004012446 D1, DE502004012446D1
InventorsAlois Maier, Stefan Ingrisch, Norbert Steidl, Frank Weinelt
ApplicantConstr Res & Tech Gmbh
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Polyurethan-polymer-hybrid-dispersion mit verbesserten oberflächeneigenschaften, verfahren zu ihrer herstellung sowie deren verwendung Polyurethane-polymer hybrid dispersion having improved surface properties, to processes for their preparation and their use translated from German
DE 502004012446 D1
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International ClassificationC09D151/08, C08L51/08, C09D175/04, C08F289/00, C08G18/28, C08F283/00, C08G18/08, C09J151/08
Cooperative ClassificationC09D151/08, C08F289/00, C08F283/00, Y10T428/31551, C09J151/08, C09D175/04, C08G18/0819, C08F283/006, C08G18/2885, C08L51/08
European ClassificationC08F283/00, C08G18/08B6, C08F289/00, C08G18/28D8C, C09D175/04, C08F283/00B, C08L51/08, C09J151/08, C09D151/08