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Publication numberDE602006002821 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200660002821
Publication date30 Oct 2008
Filing date22 May 2006
Priority date25 May 2005
Also published asCA2609542A1, CA2609542C, CN101233173A, CN101233173B, EP1726609A1, EP1883669A1, EP1883669B1, US8187707, US20090104347, WO2006125589A1
Publication number0660002821, 200660002821, DE 2006/60002821 D1, DE 602006002821 D1, DE 602006002821D1, DE-D1-602006002821, DE0660002821, DE2006/60002821D1, DE200660002821, DE602006002821 D1, DE602006002821D1
InventorsBenthem Rudolfus Antonius Van, Di Wu, Weihua Ming, With Gijsbertus De
ApplicantDsm Ip Assets Bv
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Hydrophober überzug Hydrophobic coating translated from German
DE 602006002821 D1
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International ClassificationC09D5/03, C08J3/14, C08J3/00
Cooperative ClassificationC09D7/1225, C08K3/36, C09D5/031, C08G59/50, Y10T428/24942, Y10T428/2991, C09D7/1275, C08K9/04, C09D5/1618, Y10T428/2982, C09D7/1283, Y10T428/25, B05D5/08
European ClassificationC09D7/12N3, C09D7/12N2, B05D5/08, C08G59/50, C09D5/03B, C09D7/12D2B, C09D5/16C3E
Legal Events
8 Oct 20098364No opposition during term of opposition