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Publication numberDE60234857 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE2002634857
Publication date4 Feb 2010
Filing date24 Oct 2002
Priority date29 Oct 2001
Also published asCA2464733A1, CN1578725A, EP1448366A1, EP1448366A4, EP1448366B1, US6881445, US20050186412, WO2003037613A1
Publication number02634857, 2002634857, DE 60234857 D1, DE 60234857D1, DE-D1-60234857, DE02634857, DE2002634857, DE60234857 D1, DE60234857D1
InventorsPramod K Arora
ApplicantInnovation Chemical Technologi
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Ausbildung von dünnfilmen auf substraten unter verwendung eines porösen trägers Formation of thin films on substrates using a general porous carrier translated from German
DE 60234857 D1
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International ClassificationC23C16/00, B05D3/12, C03C25/22, B32B3/26, C09D7/12, G02B1/10, C23C14/24, B32B3/06, C09D183/16, C23C14/12, C03C17/00, C09D183/04, C09D1/00, B05D7/24, C23C28/00, B05D3/02, B32B3/00
Cooperative ClassificationC03C25/22, Y10T428/24997, C23C14/243, C23C14/12, C03C17/001, B05D1/60
European ClassificationB05D1/60, C03C17/00B, C23C14/24A, C23C14/12, C03C25/22
Legal Events
13 Jan 20118364No opposition during term of opposition