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Publication numberDE6921692 U
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19696921692
Publication date27 Nov 1969
Filing date30 May 1969
Priority date30 May 1969
Publication number19696921692, 696921692, DE 6921692 U, DE 6921692U, DE-U-6921692, DE19696921692, DE6921692 U, DE6921692U, DE696921692
ApplicantHanning Elektro Werke
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Motorisch angetriebenes garagen-kipptor mit notloesevorrichtung Motorised garages-and-over door with emergency release translated from German
DE 6921692 U
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE19733731A1 *4 Aug 199725 Feb 1999Siemens AgIntegrierte elektrische Schaltung mit Passivierungsschicht
US63954544 Feb 200028 May 2002Infineon Technologies AgIntegrated electrical circuit with passivation layer
International ClassificationE05F15/16
Cooperative ClassificationE05F15/668, E05Y2201/214, E05Y2900/106, E05Y2201/244, E05Y2201/686
European ClassificationE05F15/16B