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Publication numberDE69514853 T2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1995614853
Publication date27 Jul 2000
Filing date28 Mar 1995
Priority date29 Mar 1994
Also published asDE69514853D1, EP0675087A1, EP0675087B1, US6506496
Publication number1995614853, 95614853, DE 69514853 T2, DE 69514853T2, DE-T2-69514853, DE1995614853, DE69514853 T2, DE69514853T2, DE95614853
InventorsDominique Frugier, Philippe Vaneeckhoutte, Anne Robert, Pascal Chartier, Yves Leclaire
ApplicantSaint Gobain Vitrage
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Zusammensetzung für eine nichtbenetzbare Beschichtung Composition for a non-wettable coating translated from German
DE 69514853 T2
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International ClassificationC03C17/30, C09D1/00, C09D183/04, C09D183/06, C09D183/08, G02B1/10
Cooperative ClassificationG02B1/18, G02B1/14, G02B1/105, C03C17/30, Y10T428/31663
European ClassificationC03C17/30, G02B1/10B