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Publication numberDE69826632 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998626632
Publication date4 Nov 2004
Filing date6 Oct 1998
Priority date6 Oct 1997
Also published asDE69826632T2, DE69826632T3, EP0944687A1, EP0944687B1, EP0944687B2, US6340502, WO1999018168A1
Publication number1998626632, 98626632, DE 69826632 D1, DE 69826632D1, DE-D1-69826632, DE1998626632, DE69826632 D1, DE69826632D1, DE98626632
InventorsMarie-Jose Azzopardi, Laurent Delattre, Nathalie Codazzi
ApplicantSaint Gobain
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Wasserabweisende beschichtung insbesondere für verglasung Water-repellent coating especially for glazing translated from German
DE 69826632 D1
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International ClassificationC08J7/04, B05D5/00, C09D183/04, C03C17/30, C09K3/18
Cooperative ClassificationC09K3/18, C03C2217/76, C03C17/30, C08J2483/00, C08J7/047
European ClassificationC08J7/04L, C09K3/18, C03C17/30
Legal Events
29 Sep 20058363Opposition against the patent
3 Jul 20088328Change in the person/name/address of the agent
Representative=s name: BOCKHORNI & KOLLEGEN, 80687 MUENCHEN
12 Nov 20098366Restricted maintained after opposition proceedings