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Publication numberUS1496525 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date3 Jun 1924
Filing date5 Mar 1924
Priority date5 Mar 1924
Publication numberUS 1496525 A, US 1496525A, US-A-1496525, US1496525 A, US1496525A
InventorsVincent Coco
Original AssigneeVincent Coco
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Adjustable door jamb
US 1496525 A
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June 3 1924.

V. COCO ADJUSTABLE noon JAMB Filed March 5, 1924 a'vwemtoz m a K m Patented June 3, 19244.



Application filed March 5.

To all whom it mag concern:

Be it known that I, VINCENT G000, a citizen of the United States, residing at Ozone Park, in the county of Queens, State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Adjustable Door Jambs, of which the following is a specification.

The objects of my invention are to produce an adjustable door jamb which can be adjusted to inaccuracies in the wall to which it is attached, and particularly to built in tile doorways in tile bathrooms and like structures in which metal jambs and doors are used and where it is necessary that the j amb be accurately fitted to the wall and the jamb to the metal door, to provide a jamb which can be readily adjusted to compensate for varying widths of doors and at the same time will be strong and durable. The other objects of my invention will more fully appear in the following specification:

In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is a horizontal section and Figure 2 is a vertical section on the line 22 of Figure 1.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the views.

My improved door jamb consists of a back bar 1, which may be secured in any suitable manner to the wall in a door opening. The back bar 1 is provided with spaced outstanding flanges 2 and a centrally located longitudinal tongue 3 spaced on each side from the side flanges 2 so as to form channels or grooves 4 between said tongue and said flanges, the height of the tongue 3 being preferably less than the height or width of the flanges 2. A front bar 5 is provided with a web 8 from which project inwardly extending flanges 6 adapted to fit into the channels 4, and with an outwardly extending flange 7 extending from one side thereof, which serves as a door stop and also as a seal between the door and the jamb. The web 8 is tapped and countersunk to receive adjusting screws 9. Threaded holes 10 in the tongue 3 of the back member 1 are to receive and engage adjusting screws 9. The plate 11 of the hinge 12 preferably extends the full length of the jamb and is secured to the web 8 by screws 13 which are countersunk in the plate 11 causing the plate 11 to I press firmly against the heads of the adjust- 1924. Serial No. 696,974.

ing screws 9. Apertures 14 of lesser diameter than the heads of the screws 9 are formed in the plate 11 in position to register with the heads of the screws 9 and thus provide easy means of access to such adjusting screws for the purpose of adjustment. The other plate 15 of the hinge is secured to the door frame 16 by screws 17 or any other suitable manner. The door frame 16 is provided with a flange 18. A plate 19 is secured by screws 20 to the frame 16. The door panel 21 is secured in the channel-between the plate 20 and the flange 1S. Suitable packing 22 being interposed in order to secure a tight joint, and if the panel 21 be of glass, to avoid undue strains. Preferably the hinge plates 15 extend the full length of the door frame. On the top and on the side opposite the hinge the jamb members are as described except that the plate is the same as plate 11 without the hinge eye. It is apparent that the back member 1 may be adjusted to the wall of a 7 door opening which is somewhat out of line. and that the front member may be adjusted through the rotation of the adjusting screws 9 so that it will be accurately spaced from the door frame, that the flanges 6 on the front member may be moved into and out of the channels 4 to make the proper adjustment without interfering with the appearance of the j amb and still form a tight joint between the flanges 6 and the flanges 2. The depth of the tongue 3 and width of the flanges 6 and 2 are such that a considerable adjustment may be made which will not only compensate for irregularities and inaccuracies in the wall of the door opening,

but also in the width of the door frame. Additional strength and rigidity is imparted to the structure by so forming the flanges 6 that they will fit accurately in the channels 4.

Having described my invention, I claim: An adjustable door jamb comprising in combination a back bar having spaced outstanding flanges and a centrally located longitudinal tongue spaced on each side from side flanges to form longitudinal grooves, a front bar having a web, flanges extending inwardly from such web adapted to fit into the grooves between the tongue resume bearing against the heads of such screws, and ports through such plate of lesser diameter than the heads of such adjusting 10 screws positioned to register therewith.

' Feb. 29th 1924.


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