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Publication numberWO2002034687 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberPCT/JP2001/009193
Publication date2 May 2002
Filing date19 Oct 2001
Priority date23 Oct 2000
Publication numberPCT/2001/9193, PCT/JP/1/009193, PCT/JP/1/09193, PCT/JP/2001/009193, PCT/JP/2001/09193, PCT/JP1/009193, PCT/JP1/09193, PCT/JP1009193, PCT/JP109193, PCT/JP2001/009193, PCT/JP2001/09193, PCT/JP2001009193, PCT/JP200109193, WO 0234687 A1, WO 0234687A1, WO 2002/034687 A1, WO 2002034687 A1, WO 2002034687A1, WO-A1-0234687, WO-A1-2002034687, WO0234687 A1, WO0234687A1, WO2002/034687A1, WO2002034687 A1, WO2002034687A1
InventorsKazufumi Ogawa, Norihisa Mino
ApplicantMatsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Light-transmitting substrate, process for producing the same, and building and vehicle
WO 2002034687 A1
A light-transmitting substrate which is coated on one side with a water-and-oil repellent film and on the other side with a hydrophilic film having antifogging properties, wherein the water-and-oil repellent film is made of a perfluoroalkylalkylsiloxane and the hydrophilic film is a photocatalyst layer. The substrate is effective in improving the view through windows of a building or vehicle in a rainy day. Durability can be improved by forming a silica primer layer between the light-transmitting substrate and the photocatalyst layer.
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International ClassificationC03C17/42, B32B27/06, B60S1/02, B01J35/00
Cooperative ClassificationC03C2218/365, B01J35/004, C03C2217/76, B01J35/002, C03C2217/71, C03C2217/477, C03C17/42, C03C2217/75, B60S1/02, B32B27/06
European ClassificationC03C17/42, B01J35/00D, B60S1/02, B01J35/00D6, B32B27/06
Legal Events
30 May 2002DFPERequest for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date (pct application filed before 20040101)
30 Oct 2002121Ep: the epo has been informed by wipo that ep was designated in this application
4 Sep 2003REGReference to national code
Ref country code: DE
Ref legal event code: 8642
2 Jan 2004122Ep: pct application non-entry in european phase